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Your home is your signature investment. Its outward appearance tells the world about who lives there, their style preferences, and their attention to the details. Be certain you are putting your best for forward with a superior exterior paint job by the pros at Prime Painting Inc. We are the single family home exterior painting specialist in West Palm Beach, FL area, offering top grade services for a price so low, you may not want to admit it to your neighbors.

When you call on us, we can inspect your house and give you free painting estimates. We can review with you your color scheme and any repairs that need to be made. We even can help with color selection if needed. We require no deposit. We will accept payment only after you have accepted our work.

At Prime Painting Inc, we have a team of skilled, expert painters who specialize in providing top-grade home exterior painting for one and two story homes. They will arrive as scheduled with the paint supplies and tools they need to begin work right away. We start by making sure your plants and other exterior valuables are completely covered and protected.

The first step is to bleach wash to kill mildew as necessary and pressure clean all surfaces to be painted, surface preparation comes next. All windows and screen areas are completely covered and protected prior to apply a sealer coat to all masonry surfaces and we spend a lot of our time on the job making sure all cracks are filled, all doors and window frames are caulked before we pull out the paint rollers and brushes. Our team will fully clean up the work area when they are done so that the only evidence of our presence on your property will be your new, pristine paint job.

Contact us at Prime Painting Inc to make an initial appointment for a consultation and free estimate.

Let us show you why so many in the West Palm Beach area have made us their painter of choice.

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